SIZES (and suggested uses) are as follows: 


15cm diameter x 15cm high (XS, small bedside light)


20cm diameter x 18cm high (S, regular bedside light, small table lamp)


25cm diameter x 21cm high (S/M small table lamp, ceilings in very small spaces)


30cm diameter x 21cm high (S/M, ceilings in single bedrooms / hallways, or table lamps)


35cm diameter x 21cm high (M/L ceilings in large singles / small doubles, or very chunky table lamps)


40cm diameter x 25cm high (L, ceilings in living / dining rooms, small floor pedestal lamps)


45cm diameter x 25cm high (Very large reception rooms, chunky floor pedestal lamps)


USA harp style fitting are available on the 20cm, 30cm & 40cm sizes only.


CANDLE CLIP: top ring 8cm, bottom ring 14cm, slanted length 13cm. These shades clip onto candle shaped bulbs. top ring 8cm, bottom ring 14cm, slant length 13cm. Recess depth: (Bottom of clip to bottom of shade) 5cm. See picture on listing for info on how this fits.





Please do take care to measure up and choose the right size before purchasing, as I make each one of these specifically to your measurements.





Matte metallic linings are blackout, and direct the light through the top of the shade and the bottom of the shade, great for mood lighting.

White lining gives a brighter, more diffuse effect, and lets a little light shine through the fabric. 

Coloured gloss linings also let light through, and that light will take on a hue of the gloss colour you choose. 


DIFFUSERS: Don't forget your diffuser to hide the glaring bulb and soften the light, particularly useful if your shade is above a bed or chair. 


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS! The shipping costs you see are estimates and I may be able to get you a much better price! Please contact me before buying, with your postcode / zip code and and the size of shade you are interested in, and I will come back to you with the deals I've found. :-) 


All seams are securely and neatly joined, internally and fully rolled professional edge.


My lampshades comply fully with the UK Glow wire test, and are fire resistant, using materials and components made right here in the UK.


I wrap all my items carefully to protect the beautiful fabrics, and can be posted in rigid protective boxes, packed safely in packaging.


Emily x

William Morris Willow Bough lampshade in green & ivory

Lining colour